Best straight-headed ho (2008)

Al Sharpton

Speaking of hip-hop, the irreverent Reverend Al Sharpton plans to save the sinful generation by washing out the mouths of all entertainers who use the N-word, disrespect women, and applaud violence for mass consumption and profit. Sounds sweet, but does this mean that the work of N-word kings Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle will be pulled off the shelves? That’s a negative. Big Al's latest crusade is strictly for rappers. After all, what happens in the ghetto is supposed to stay in the ghetto, and rap never understood that. So the media-anointed "black" leader is going after "gutter rap," because it's the reason some white Americans (shout-out to Don Imus) are clamoring for the equal right to say nigga and ho. As usual, Sharpton's motives and timing are suspect; hip-hop-headz are convinced that this attack must have a paycheck or photo op attached to it. What tipped them off? Well, Sharpton was nowhere to be found three years ago when initiatives to clean up hip-hop were at a peak. Remember the "Turn Off the Radio" Campaign, or Essence magazine's one-year focus on misogynistic lyrics, or the female students at Spelman College who went after Nelly for his degrading lyrics? Better late than never, huh? We sincerely wish the reverend luck (rap is wildin' out) and hope he has plenty of soap—because after he cleanses the children of rap, he'll have to move on to the generation that spawned them.


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