Best thing to happen to New York's anti-war movement (2008)

Granny Peace Brigade

That would have to be the Granny Peace Brigade, the 18 anti-war grandmothers who were arrested and jailed for trying to enlist at the Times Square Recruitment Office back in October 2005. Charged with disorderly conduct, the grannies spent five days at Manhattan Criminal Court on trial last April—and were acquitted. These "old dames," as they like to call themselves, range in age from 51 to 91 and suffer from hip, eyesight, and hearing afflictions. But physical maladies don't stop them. Media outlets still play up the images of these little old ladies clutching their walkers and hanging on to their flowered hats, but they've won over the hearts of many New Yorkers with their passion and spirit—indeed, they sing their own anthem and even dance their own choreographed routine. Since their trial, the grannies have headlined rallies and kept up their weekly vigils at Rockefeller Center. This past summer, they even trekked to Washington, D.C., where they did their best to rattle President Bush.


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