Best way to enjoy the Brooklyn Promenade (2008)

Blue Pig

The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is a mite too touristy; Häagen-Dazs, too pricey and elitist; and the Tastee Delight on Montague has shut down, depriving us of their 500 flavors that all taste exactly the same. (The culinary equivalent of that "How to Recognize the Moods of an Irish Setter" Far Side cartoon.) No, to savor true ice-cream excellence as you enjoy the breathtaking views and breathtaking car-exhaust fumes at the Promenade, it's all about the Blue Pig, whether you desire a Piglet (two scoops), a Piggie (three), or, should you be particularly brazen, a Hog (four). Yes, this is moderately embarrassing, and perhaps too visceral for guilty dieters. But you've gotta admire this chain shop's thematic devotion: blue walls, a blue pig statue outside for the kids to fondle, and slightly esoteric flavors like Dirty Coffee, Pig Flop, and Magic Mood Pig Food amid more purist fare. Those esoteric options are quite splendid, actually, and if it's all a little too cute for you, the Mint Chocolate Chip is stupendous. Slap a Piggie in a waffle cone and go gawk and cough for awhile.


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