Best Way to See a Pal Naked Before Deciding Whether or Not to Hit on Him/Her (2008)

Spencer Tunick's Photo Shoots

Put together a group outing (non-threatening!) to one of SPENCER TUNICK'S PHOTO SHOOTS. (Thanks to persistent mayor-related hassles, he hasn't done any in New York this year, and may not be shooting here again until the spring, but you can sign up for alerts on his Web site.) Meet up at some ungodly hour Sunday morning, and chat sleepily with your pals and the masses that show up at the appointed location. When you get the cue, peel, and spend anywhere from five minutes to half an hour as part of a mass of anonymous flesh on the 59th Street Bridge or at a West Village gas station or whatever. Note that anything a few hundred people do with you is non-scary. Enjoy your sneak preview.


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