Best way to snag a seat at a fashion show (2008)

Unbridled Enthusiasm

Dying to watch anorexic teenagers sashay down a runway but despair of gaining admittance to a real fashion show? While it's true that shows have strict door policies, if you really, really want to attend one of these things, listen carefully: A few days before Fashion Week begins (it's twice a year, early September and February), go to the newsstand and pick up a copy of Women's Wear Daily. Check to see if it contains a complete show calendar. If it does, buy it. Now circle a few of the shows—designers you've barely heard of, shows that begin at an ungodly hour like 9 a.m., shows in locations other than the Bryant Park tents—and call the PR firm handling the event. (If the PR firm isn't listed in WWD, just call the designer and ask who is handling the show.) When someone picks up the phone, say, "I am a fashion student and I am a big fan of blah blah's work! Is there any chance of standing room for me?" Your unbridled enthusiasm will more often than not receive a positive response. And once you've got the standing-room ticket, you will probably be able to occupy an empty seat. Believe it or not, it might even be in the front row.


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