Best 24-Hour Copy Shop (2008)

Village Copier

Wonder why that execrable Canal Street copy of Gladiator had such professional packaging? The night contains your answer: In the hours before dawn, bootleggers, artists, DJs, writers, and stone-cold cranks are pumping out four-color hard copies of the zeitgeist on self-service color copiers that are not your father's Xerox machines. For 79 cents, you can gang up six CD covers or nine snapshots and become an instant distributor (of your own intellectual property, of course, since the feds have decreed copying money, passports, and a myriad of other official/copyrighted materials strictly verboten). On the Village Copier's well-maintained machines, you can experiment with boosting the CMY or K in your latest collage while listening to Art Bell clones discuss black helicopters and insect extraterrestrials. Or if 3 a.m. paranoia begins to grate, the helpful staff will cheerfully tune in some classical music.


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