Best alternative to a real movie theater in Williamsburg (2008)

East Coast Aliens

As the debate rages on about who's gonna do what to the developing waterfront areas in B'burg and G'point, one idea always in the mix and yet to be actualized is a movie theater. History books (or, um, Google) tell us that Greenpoint was once home to a bevy of theaters, many of them born out of vaudeville, then turned into movie houses, and now (in at least one case) transformed into a drugstore. The awesomely named and assuredly-not-looking-for-corporate-sponsorship East Coast Aliens isn't really a theater per se, but the nonprofit arts center just may tide you over till that megaplex (or, better still, good indie/art house) opens in the nabe. Besides being a large facility (7,000 square feet) for art events, debates, and space rentals for video and photo shoots, the "salon" side of the center also runs an excellently curated "cineclub," screening notable works from such foreign and indie heavyweights as Krzysztof Kieslowski and Atom Egoyan, as well as their specialty: cult and midnight-movie favorites like Fellini's Satyricon, Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures, Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain, and Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant. A scant five-buck donation gets you in for both single and double(!) features.

Location Details

216 Franklin St.
Brooklyn NY 11222


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