Best baubles (2008)

Erie Basin

Next to Fairway in Red Hook lies the Erie Basin, a sludgy inlet boasting the remains of several boats, rotting docks, and no little amount of refuse. But a much nicer place to dock oneself is the shop just a few blocks away that borrows the Erie Basin name, but reeks of no such corruption or taint—in fact, it positively sparkles. The owners have curated the store scrupulously though playfully, mixing choice pieces from the late 19th and early 20th century with contemporary finds. From Art Deco glass beads to Victorian mourning jewelry to bird-skull rings from this season, it's enough to make even the most levelheaded girl contemplate a smash-and-grab. Or, with some items priced as low as $20, acquire her jewels in a far more law-abiding (if less exciting) manner. For those boring souls who like their objets d'art unwearable, the shop also boasts covetable bits of furniture, painting, and sculpture.


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