Best bike shop you can't afford (2008)

SBR Multisports

If you're one of those people who don't think living in our fair city is tough enough and who enjoy battering themselves numb on the weekends, SBR Multisports might be your kind of joint. SBR is one of those rare bike shops that caters specifically to triathletes. Owner Christophe Vandaele, 34, a seven-time Ironman finisher, says he switched careers and founded the shop to fill a void. "What I saw was either a lack of knowledge about the current technology or a lack of caring about the customer," he says. "The sport changed my life so much—if I could change one person's life, it would be worth it." The shop carries a range of sweet machines for everyone from the Central Park lap rider to the Ironman masochist. But what really sets it apart is that Vandaele offers triathlon-training sessions six days a week for the relatively bargain-basement price of $250 a year. There's also a training pool, which rents for $25 an hour. If you buy a bike, you get four free tune-ups a year, as well as an excellent fitting session at no charge.


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