Best black-metal/ extreme-noise record store (2008)

Hospital Productions

Looking for the newest jams from, uh, Hair Police, Ahlzagailzehguh, or Bloodhammer? Thank you, Hospital Productions! No longer do we have to fly to Bergen, Norway, or drive to Providence, Rhode Island, or deal with sketchy websites in order to satiate our jones for extreme noise—you know, of the musical variety. (At least to some ears.) HP (almost) exclusively peddles nothing but the rarest, harshest sounds found in the black-metal and noise-rock kingdoms. Their collection, mostly discs and limited-run CDRs, also includes a healthy stash of vinyl, DVDs, and even cassettes. Funniest of all: This "boutique" is hidden discreetly in the basement of the ramshackle reggae store Jammyland, where a rather steep ladder hidden in the back literally descends to the underworld—a tiny basement with all the walls painted black, full of the aforementioned aural terror. Yummy! But don't bring your mommy.


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