Best Blowouts (2008)

Chic Elegance / Astor Place Hair Stylists / Hair Mates Hair Salon

On a continuum of bliss, the home blowout ranks somewhere between scabies and watching The Maury Show. So it was epic last year when, at the height of stick-straight-hair mania, our curly sisterhood dismantled to go the lemming route. For 30 minutes every other day, we'd sweat before mirrors, round brushes in one hand, blow-dryers in the other, tugging and flattening the waves. It got so beastly that we decided to invest in the professional blowout. You should, too. For $20, Sylvia at Chic Elegance in Carroll Gardens (311 Court Street, 718-625-1061) stretched every curl into gossamer silk. Maybe it was the straightening iron, but my hair's never looked so smashing. Another plus: It stayed put for three whole days. Astor Place Hair Stylists (2 Astor Place, 475-9854) can provide Frederick Fekkai talent at drive-thru prices. Blowouts start at $15 and appointments aren't necessary. If you sprout coarse, ropy waves, then Hair Mates Hair Salon (2 St. Marks Place, 777-4612) is your Havana. For $30 and up, the specialists here will reincarnate your Medusa locks into hair so pin-thin straight you'll gawk in every passing mirror.


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