Best boutique to buy designer jeans in the East Village (2008)

CoCo & Delilah

We're not ones for spending lots of money on clothes, but something about CoCo & Delilah makes the bills part from our wallets like waves in the Red Sea. Though they have lots of lovely tunic tops, delicate party dresses, and finely crafted standout blouses with glittery gold stripes, they specialize in designer jeans. The store, which "opened" in 2004, was a website for a year before it got a real live shop. Owner Collette Lovullo, a raven-haired, pale-skinned beauty with bright red lips, can convince even the most skeptical lady that her thunder thighs will fit in the skinniest of skinny Seven cigarette jeans. (And they did.) They carry some of the well-known brands (J Brand Jeans, Joe's Jeans, the People's Republic) and some we've never heard of (Hudson Jeans, Taverniti So Jeans, Raven). With all of the choices, anyone can find a pair that fits. A warning: It'll cost you a pretty penny.


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