Best boutique to help you break the black-clothing habit (2008)

Alpana Bawa

Call it oversimplification, but when it comes to fashion, there are two kinds of people: those willing to wear colors and those who cling stubbornly to black. Maybe your penchant for sepulchral hues developed during an angsty goth phase, or perhaps it's just a lazy habit to avoid mixing and matching in the bleary-eyed morning. Whatever the case, a trip to Alpana Bawa's tiny downtown boutique will permanently cure you of your chromophobia. The racks teem with ultravivid fuchsia, mustard, and lime-green garments for women and men in tasty fabrics like silk and cotton voile. Although Bawa's Indian roots are apparent in her clothes, the surprising textures, shapes, appliqués, and embroidery make these more than exercises in crass exoticism. Nothing here is cheap, but then again, an outfit will cost a lot less than a trip to the subcontinent.

Location Details

70 E. 1st St.
New York NY 10003


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