The entrance doesn't scream luxe, calm, voluptuous sexiness—or any other things you'd expect from a tiny lingerie boutique. But the supremely old-school Orchard Corset boasts virtues far more rare: great prices and owners who can guess your bra size on sight. Of course, not every woman wants to have an aging guy in a yarmulke aim his X-ray vision at her breasts (I certainly didn't the first time I went in there as an awkward, busty teenager), but the personal attention to fit and the fine selection of both high- and low-end intimates make it worth a trip, particularly if you're in need of larger or hard-to-find sizes. As does the cross-section of shoppers: The last time I was in there, the minuscule, curtained fitting rooms were crammed with an unlikely mix of uptown glamourpusses snagging bargain brassieres, heavily pregnant women in search of maternity bras, and college girls kitting themselves out in the shop's customized corsets.

Location Details

157 Orchard St.
New York NY 10002


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