Best Brooklyn Manhattan-Style Nail Salon (2008)

Polish Nail Emporium

Peep Flatbush Avenue, and it's obvious that Brooklyn isn't lacking for places to get your nails done. But Brooklyn girls who fiend for a little pampering as they get their pedi on have had to head to Manhattan. Enter POLISH NAIL EMPORIUM. The airy storefront offers heretofore un-Brooklyn-like luxuries, such as a fruity Lemango manicure or a Honey Latte pedicure. There's also the basic manicure/pedicure ($15 and $30 respectively—and they last), which includes an aromatherapy nail soak, hand and foot massage, and the sort of attention you'd expect from a big-bucks spa but without the hoity-toity 'tude. In fact, the atmosphere at Emporium is half the fun. The technicians offer you a cold Corona, and Sade purrs in the background as you place your tired dogs in the warm water and chill. By appointment only.


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