Best Candy Shop of Panties (2008)


Sure, the Lourdes of discount shopping has higher-end lingerie like La Perla, Escada, and Natori, but the real reason for making the trip south to CENTURY 21 is the racks of maximum-cool, candy-colored,100 percent cotton string bikini underpants, arranged by shade and style. Choose from watermelon pink, hydrangea blue, Catholic-schoolgirl white, and myriad stripes and polka dots (and little flowers for when you ride your bike in a skirt). Best of all, they start at $1.99 each, and most strain to break the $3 mark. This means that you can temp in midtown and still afford 100 pairs. Or at the very least, 75.

Location Details

22 Cortlandt
New York NY 10007


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