Best Chain for Aggressively Trendy Hipster Specs (2008)


His mother had always picked his frames for him: ghastly gold-plated bits of ill-fitting wire from places like Costco and LensCrafters. She liked them because they reminded her of men she knew in Santo Domingo, varones in white suits who drove Mercedes cars. He hated them for the same reason. At 23 years of age, he dreamed of freeing his face from this gold-wire prison and thus consulted a fashion-publicist friend on what to do. "SELIMA," she mandated. And so he discovered a world where glasses come in candy-colored chunks of resin, named after random Parisiennes like Aline and Hervé and Lolita. He was free. 84 East 7th Street, 260-2495; 59 Wooster Street, 343-9490; 7 Bond Street, 677-8487; Lunettes et Chocolat, 25 Prince Street, 925-8800.


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