Best Cheap Chairs (2008)


For more than 30 years, CHAIRS, STOOLS, ETC. has been offering heaps of classy wooden chairs with patterned cushions, minimalist Bauhaus-type chairs, slender curving metallic ones, etc.—to those in the restaurant or catering business. The catch, see, is that you have to buy them in sets of at least two, if not 12 or more. The outlet is located in the heart of the chairs and stools district, alongside competitors such as Chairs, Stools, and Tables. They acknowledge that there is virtually no difference between any of the stores in the area, though one eager saleslady here chirped, "Look at the rest, come back to the best." However, she also pointed out that if you are seeking out the lone affordable chair, you really ought to head to the Salvation Army down the street.


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