Best cheap stuff for home renovations (2008)

Build It Green NYC!

Considering the harsh statistics—such as the fact that around 13,000 tons of construction waste are generated every day in the five boroughs, and that around 2 percent of the world's global climate change is credited to landfill-generated methane gas, nothing less than high-fives and bear hugs go out to the green-minded folks at Build It Green NYC!, which salvages and sells donated or acquired materials (often brand-new or barely used) taken from building demolitions or left over from new construction. Since BIG NYC! resells the stuff and passes on the mass savings to New York City consumers, the "junk" is spared the toxic and environment-crippling fate of decaying in a dump. New Yorkers doing any kind of home renovation this year, or landlords needing materials for their buildings, should mosey on down to this Queens-based warehouse: Everything from brand-new cans of paint (only $5) to doors, sinks, windows, kitchen cabinets (some of the ones recently donated were originally worth—cough, cough—$75,000 each!), lumber, and household appliances are available, all of it priced 50 to 70 percent less than the original market price. Even cooler: The proceeds of this nonprofit go to creating an environmental and educational center run by the "green energy, arts, and education" group Solar One. Donating materials is also welcome, and tax write-offs give an extra incentive.

Location Details

3-17 26th Ave.
Long Island City NY 11102


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