Best Deals on '60s-Style Home Accessories (2008)


The vogue for all things midcentury well past, one would think it easy to find great-looking home accessories from the Kennedy years, but no. Showrooms have mined the country's rummage sales for anything remotely smacking of the clean lines and exotic colors that leave you fawning for a life lived in a Blake Edwards movie. YU, a charming, warm shop with walls brushed in artful acids of orange and lime, hawks vintage furniture, candles, Japanese tea sets, and a host of lamps from the '50s and '60s (around $100 to $300). Best of all, though, is the large supply of pottery by Jonathan Adler, some of it from past collections you can't easily get outside of his signature shop, at very pleasing prices ($40 for a medium-sized vase).


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