Best designer store to score '60s-inspired stewardess outfits (2008)


Although I definitely approve of the educated view society as a whole has come to adopt toward stewardesses (I mean flight attendants), part of me remains nostalgic for their adorably funky outfits of yesterday (and not just on Halloween). Thankfully, Label has come to the rescue. Located a block south of Houston, this Los Angeles–based designer store resembles what I imagine Judy Jetson's closet to look like—that is, if she grew up and became a flight girl for TWA. Here A-line stretch cotton dresses with extroverted shoulder points and boiled-wool jackets with quirky piping details deck the small space. It's as if 1962 collided aesthetically with what 2062 might look like: The designs are not only innovative (think fun appliqué collars and unusual cutouts) but also extremely comfortable—perfect for a transatlantic flight or future moon adventure.


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