Best dog-walker who can also introduce you to your future spouse (2008)

David Shernoff

Well, sort of. David Shernoff, the man behind Dogs by Dave, a dog-walking, pet-sitting service in downtown Brooklyn, is responsible for at least one gay marriage so far. When a disgruntled client talked about being unsatisfied with life as a bond trader, Shernoff—who is quite satisfied with life as a dog-walker—told the man to quit his job and go to the beach. So the mutt-owner skipped out for P-town, where he ran into an old flame (with a Weimaraner puppy). And the rest is history. Shernoff is also willing to teach you how to use your computer, help your kids with their homework, and other odd jobs that might otherwise be left to a son-in-law. When it comes to dogs, his main approach is pure, unadulterated love: He doesn't subscribe to any particular philosophy or training methods, but he will totally humor your neurotic analysis of Boomer's behavioral "issues."


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