Best eco-friendly fashions (2008)


Unfortunately, when most people think of eco-friendly fashion, their minds inevitably conjure up loose-fitting tunics with marijuana leaves plastered everywhere or the ever ubiquitous fratboy hemp necklace. It's a tough call: Who wants to save the planet looking like Woody Harrelson? The East Village store Gominyc will help you rescue the earth while looking your best. From funky silk-screen T-shirts and Brazilian vegetable-tanned leather shoes to breezy kids' sundresses and recycled vintage jackets, their threads are as ecologically mindful as they are hip. A bath and home section extends this devotion to a healthy lifestyle with bowls made from recycled magazines and melted records, organic bamboo utensils, and funky candles—ultimately proving that there is nothing inconvenient about living a trendy yet environmentally truthful life. Plus, if you purchase their free-trade coffee beans, you'll at least have the much needed energy to follow through with volunteering at the Sierra Club.


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