Best free stuff that doesn't involve getting in a dumpster (2008)


Let's face it—secondhand store Beacon's Closet isn't going to take your ill-advised Forever 21 dresses from two summers ago. Plus, getting coolly rejected by them and the equally discerning Buffalo Exchange nearby is enough to make anyone believe that the stores are in cahoots to make you feel like crap (it's possible). Spare yourself the paranoia and jump on the free-swapping bandwagon at the same time by checking out ThriftOn!, the seasonal clothes-and-junk-trading party hosted by downtown DJ Shakey at Botanica. Watch in dismay as someone excitedly snatches up your Mossimo skirt from Target, and walk away with some equally odd but appealing items yourself. Do you really need a Magic Bullet food processor with a couple of missing parts? Who cares— it's free!


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