East Village Cheese. What's all this then? An extensive—not expensive—cornucopia of cheeses from round the world. $2.99/lb. "superspecials" rotate often and may include Spanish tetilla, Hungarian tilsit, and Danish lappi, while Brie costs $2 per generous wedge. Assorted chevres and fetas, fresh mozzarella and ricotta, mascarpone, and crème fraîche also star. So it's a cheese store? Mais non! More like a shoebox Balducci's at Kmart prices. Smoked salmon, pâtés, six varieties of olives, cornichons, pine nuts, prosciutto, balsamic vinegars, and olive oils . . . I haven't got room for it all. Let's go!

Location Details

40 3rd Ave.
New York NY 10003


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