Best guy when you need a pocket square/tie/shirt etc. at the oddest hour for the most important function (2008)

David Reeves

A few months ago, I went tearing over to the Duncan Quinn shop in Nolita. I needed a pocket square, of all things, and I needed it right that minute. The store, known for its luscious suits and men's shirts—off the rack or bespoke—was closed. There I stood, jacket slung over my shoulder. And there, behind the half-pulled gate, stood David Reeves, fashion savior. The expat from northern England let me in. He glanced at the jacket I needed to match, plucked the right swatch from a small stack, told me to use the reverse side of the fabric and demonstrated with a little cramming motion. "Just hatch it right in there," he said, and rang me up. Weeks later, I went for another square, this time without my jacket. No problem. "Yours was the one with the sort of gray houndstooth, wasn't it?" Reeves said. In a blink, I emerged with the second perfect square, by now a veteran of hatching it in there. The success was his. Go see him if you have even the vaguest itch to invest in these sorts of clothes. He's so good, you won't notice you just spent $75 on a five-by-three-inch piece of cloth.


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