In a long-vanished era, Park Row across from City Hall Park was the famed Newspaper Row. Then the fabulous J&R Electronics began its steady expansion, swallowing everything from the old diner on the corner on down. The lone happy survivor is the family-owned Weinstein & Holtzman Hardware storeand be glad it did. Now sandwiched between acres of CDs and flat-screen TVs, these purveyors of the hardware basics have been there since 1920, peddling everything from a variable-speed belt sander to a box of brads. This is old-school hardware: screws arranged by size in slide-out drawers, chains by the spool, nails by the pound. In short, everything needed for a full-scale apartment renovationand you dont have to schlep up to Home Depot to find it.

Location Details

29 Park Row
New York NY 10038


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