Best Headshop Strip (2008)

8th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues

You'll have to blow past racks of Marilyn Manson tees, dog collars, and candy-raver accessories to get to the pot paraphernalia. But at least the half-dozen garish outlets clumped along 8th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues allow for easy comparisons and white lies 'bout prices negotiated next door. Must visit: Funk Plus Inc. (24 West 8th Street, 505-5016), where the clerk named Mijan somehow surmised that this reporter was buying a piece for his (nonexistent) girlfriend, and requested she come in so he could "help" her instead. Which wasn't as charming as his Hindi-accented rendition of an old Ozzy chestnut: "I SEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU!"


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