Best Hidden Japanese Beauty & Entertainment Store (2008)


Raku-Za is a place that seems to exist solely by word of mouth, but if youre in love with all things Japanesebeauty products and pop culturethis is a great little shop to check out. There isnt a website, nor can you easily find the place by looking for any signage; you just have to find the address and, once youre at the front door, buzz for the second floor. When you enter, youll find that this shop is crammed with a mecca of whitening/brightening emulsions and creams and other skin-pampering productsfrom the reasonably priced DHC brand to the more expensive Sekkisei and Dr.Ci:Labo. Fashion magazines line the walls, and on the opposite side of the store, youll find shelves of videos, DVDs, and CDs. The store clerks arent too familiar with English, so out of courtesyand if you want them to buzz you in againbe sure to give them a small bow and say Domo arigato when youre leaving.


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