Best hipster movers (2008)

The Good Move

Moving is one of the most miserable experiences in life, even if you're one of those overly organized weirdos who doesn't do everything at the last minute. The best-case scenario would involve having some cute guys do the moving for you—and not your boyfriend and his friends, who are sloppy and resentful. The guys from The Good Move actually like walk-ups, and they will offer to leave large objects in the most annoying place possible for your ex-roommate. Like all movers, they might show up late, but they aren't whiny bitches and they don't just grunt when you tell them something is fragile. It might feel a little embarrassing to use the hipster movers, who are based in Williamsburg and have a blog and their own rap theme song on their website, but they are better and less expensive than the Craigslist fuck-ups we've used in the past (although getting arrested on the way over is a great excuse for not showing up).


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