Best inexpensive jewelry that doesn't look cheap (2008)


If you're not a member of the kind of family that passes heirlooms down through the generations, do not despair. This is 2006. You can buy your own heirlooms, damn it. Ornate, old-world-looking lockets, silver rings that have achieved authentic patinas, and costume jewelry that last went out on the town in 1956 can all be had for shockingly low prices at Pippin—especially considering the hip location of the store. If you do come from an old-jewelry type of clan but feel oppressed by their uptight traditions, or are just plain broke, or hate their taste, Pippin also takes pieces on consignment and does trades. And if you're a boy who needs to impress your girlfriend, the woman who runs the store will help you sort through all their treasures and find a charm necklace or beaded bracelet that looks special and unique but costs you only around $20.


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