Best Jewelry Store for Fantasy Geeks (2008)

Little King Ltd.

You dont like to admit it, but like all the other geeks, you played Dungeons & Dragons in high school and spent weeks on the perfect costume for the Renaissance Faire. The +1 armor probably isnt hanging in your closet anymore, but if youre still nostalgic for those days of make-believe, Little King Ltd. provides a subtle way to incorporate that world into your adult life. The tiny East Village shop sells a variety of small, elaborate gold crowns to fit your ring finger. Couples come in for wedding sets with Celtic designs, though they often end up buying custom-designed bands. Little King sells rough-cut diamonds and other loose gems for you to choose from, provides a library of stylebooks to use as a reference, and will gladly help you design something totally unique. For the non-coupled just looking for some gothic glamour, there is always the fabulous diamond-encrusted skull ring or a Medusa belt buckle. So even if you have to give up the chain mail, you can still daydream about dragons and knights with a little style.

Location Details

177 Lafayette St.
New York NY 10013


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