Best Last-Minute Birthday Presents (2008)


Walking into RICKY'S past a Rockette-line of mannequin legs outfitted in clashing patterned tights, you know you've entered a world full of kitschy knickknacks that no one would ever buy for themselves but everyone wants for their birthday. Kids don't exactly need individual Kleenex packages printed with Simpsons characters or Japanimation office supplies, but those are both really exciting gifts. However, be warned that when you turn a corner, you've officially entered the sex section, where couples sit giggling, debating body tassels and penis pasta. The store thrives on innuendo, even cleverly titling hair elastics "Ricky's Rubbers." Alterna-teens will enjoy the hair-dye selection and kooky kids will get a kick out of glow-in-the-dark toilet seats and cow bath mitts.


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