Best left-wing recruiting organization disguised as a toy store (2008)


Kaya is a Nez Percé girl growing up circa 1764 and dreaming of becoming a tribal leader; 18th-century Felicity is antsy doing the sitting-down kinds of things that colonial girls are expected to do; Addy escapes from slavery and learns to read and write; in circa 1824 New Mexico, motherless Josefina and her sisters watch balefully as the new Americano traders arrive from the East; rich Samantha sees that being poor sucks when she befriends Nellie, a servant girl; Kit endures Depression-era Cincinnati with her jobless father; Molly saves rubber and eats turnips for dinner during World War II. All these yearning, striving proto-feminists have one thing in common—they are plastic American Girl dolls, they are packaged with dense, elaborate personal histories, and they are accoutred—even the impoverished ones—with a multiplicity of outfits, books, pets, and furniture (all at additional cost). One thing is certain: Their wholesome, politically correct cheeriness has wiped the toy store floor with sullen, slutty Barbie, a fashion model who clearly has never suffered one day in her life and cares for no one but herself.

Location Details

609 5th Ave.
New York NY 10017


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