Best mechanic (2008)

Kenny Lee

There are two things you can be certain of on Smith Street these days: a precious new restaurant or crapatorium going up every other month, and Kenny Lee of the Lee Brothers auto shop. When you're using the words "best" and "auto mechanic" in the same sentence, it usually comes down to degrees of getting ripped off. The eternally cheerful Lee actually offers cheap and reliable repairs for whatever ails your vehicle. With Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, and Cobble Hill home to an inordinately large number of young scribes, in recent years Kenny Lee has inadvertently become the mechanic of choice for a cadre of city reporters. The vehicles of these ink-stained wretches are generally high-mileage shit-boxes that are always a worn brake pad, leaking radiator hose, or frayed timing belt away from breaking down. Kenny Lee realizes how dependent this crew is on their beaters, so it's rare when a Lee Brothers repair job takes more than a day. And unlike those other mechanics who you just know are ripping you off (though you can't do anything about it), Kenny Lee, in addition to being a friendly and jocular guy, never gouges. His grungy shop is conveniently located across the street from the Carroll Gardens F-train station. They also do state inspections.


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