Best Minimart (2008)

Fresco Market

We've been invaded, but there's still hope. Among the gigantic mental-hospital-looking NYU dorm, the hideous Titanic-shaped Circuit City/Virgin Megastore complex, and Union Square's Wall Street­wannabe atmosphere, there's a place where you can still find rows of fresh produce nicely placed in country baskets, mango juice, tasty olives of all kinds and shapes, Bonne Maman marmalade, spinach pasta, and whatever other "accessories" you need for a succulent dinner. Homey, amicable, and unlike McDonald's—where there's a sign as big as Ronald's red hair stating you get two hash browns for free if the cashier does not smile—the employees at Fresco Market are genuinely happy to serve you. They greet you by your name, they know who you are. Shhh, and the best kept secret? It's cheap. And if you live in the vicinity, even better—they deliver.


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