Best needle exchange (2008)

Brooklyn General Store

Most New York ladies are experts at bitching, but as home economics is banished from the high-school curriculum, many of us aren't nearly as adept at stitching. How will we ever make our trousseaux? Thankfully, the women who run Brooklyn General Store can remedy this gross defect. They offer classes—limited to eight students—in knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, embroidery, even spinning. (Sheep shearing and wool carding will doubtless be offered soon.) Private tuition and classes for lefties are available as well. The shop also features all manner of yarn, fabric, buttons, thread, as well as some finished items like hats, aprons, and scarves. Of the courses, the sewing ones seem particularly attractive, as they're project-based. After four weeks of 90-minute sessions, you'll emerge attired with a new wrap skirt or a Built By Wendy dress, ready to smile and utter demurely, "Oh, this? I made it myself, actually." And that's nothing to bitch about.


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