Best newfangled drug paraphernalia (2008)


When joint-rolling time approaches, you probably just sit there on the edge of the couch, hunched over, pulling the buds off the sticks and smushing them up between your pathetic little fingers. And that's fine. You're just not a real pothead. Serious cannabis connoisseurs take full advantage of the plant—they know it's not just the flower but the kief, or resin, that is a gift to be cherished. Kief is basically loose, unformed hash—hash on the weekends, not all buttoned up and square. Like cavemen using every part of the once mighty mastodon, potheads have devoted considerable thought to the problem of harvesting this beloved and potent stuff. Those in the know swear by what is known as the kiefer. One expert we contacted to learn more about the device described it thusly: "It's just a cheaper version of a coke grinder." Well, there you go, folks. The kiefer is a metal cylinder that works like a pepper grinder, only instead of a grinder, it has two screens inside. The weed is pushed through the top screen, and the kief then passes through a second, finer screen and is collected in a container on the bottom. Sprinkle the magic dust on top of a bud, like sprinkles on an ice cream cone, or roll a joint of the stuff and lose your mind. When you decide to get serious, kiefers can be found in your finer West Village head shops for around $30


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