Best Old-School Brooklyn Seltzer Man (2008)

Eli Miller

When seltzer man Eli Miller is out making deliveries in his gray station wagon, he often gets stopped by passersby who want to know two things: 1) What on earth are you doing?, and 2) Can you deliver to my house? Miller, who is in his seventies and has been hefting his ancient wooden crates of fizzy seltzer door-to-door in Brooklyn for almost half a century, is one of the last seltzer-delivery men in the city. For $25, you get 10 antique blue-and-green glass siphon bottles (sterilized and refilled with triple-filtered tap water at Gomberg Seltzer Works in Canarsie, the last seltzer bottler in the city) andthe best partthe pleasure of chatting with this walking anachronism, who can hardly wait to tell his jokes and stories about the Brooklyn he grew up in. But be warned: Once you try a shot of Millers seltzer in your cocktails and juices, youll be spoiled for life.


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