Best Original And Wicked T-Shirt Design (2008)


If you've seen a guy walking around wearing a T-shirt with "My Girlfriend Is Out of Town" blazing across the front in iron-on letters, then he's probably cheating . . . and you've seen one of SELVEDGE's tees. One day, Taavo Somer decided to start marking on his old, inside-out shirts some of the bizarre things he was witnessing in the city. Soon enough lazy New Yorkers, always eager to look cool and also often willing to see the irony, started asking where they could buy them. The rest, you might read on somebody's chest someday. Some of the best: "Emotionally Unavailable," "I've Got a Little Coke Left Let's Go Back to My Place," "If These Brains Were Tits," and "These Shoes Are Uncomfortable but No One Will Notice."

Location Details

250 Mulberry St.
New York NY 10012


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