Best peddlers of borough pride (2008)

Brooklyn Industries

It's not often that you see New Yorkers sporting clothing or accessories embroidered with the words Manhattan, the Bronx, or Queens. Not that those residents don't take pride in their respective boroughs—it's just that they don't have the genius that is Brooklyn Industries marketing their home turfs. This innovative clothing outlet began playing a major role in encouraging, promoting, and profiting from the unearthed sense of BK pride long before the borough was rediscovered at the beginning of the millennium. The mini-franchise keeps Brooklynites fully outfitted in a wide selection of community-casual T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and bags announcing BKLYN as the place to be. With locations in Park Slope, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, and even Soho there's plenty of Brooklyn gear and pride to go around, so rock it while the borough's still hot.

Location Details

206 5th Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11217


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