Remember that great-aunt of yours? The one with the smeared lipstick and the mothball smell who mercilessly grabbed your cheeks and told you how much you've grown since the last time I saw you, pet, you were this tall? Fed up with years of torture, you finally tell her not to call you "pet" and send her to hell, the family goes into crisis, the aunt is heartbroken, you are shunned at Christmas dinner. Not to panic, the solution has come. Don't send your rubbery aunt to hell. Call her over for tea and explain the situation: Pets are your friends, pets don't care if you yank their ears and stretch their cheeks; if you wrestle and play lasso one, two, three, four with them, they enjoy it. You are not her pet, but you know where she can get one and buy toys for it—PETCO at Union Square. Two floors of fake logs for snakes, guinea-pig bottles, hummingbird feeders, kitty cabanas, star-shaped catnip bags, rubber ducks, sticky paws, green fluorescent bells for birds—and there's even a pet adoption center on the premises.

Location Details

860 Broadway
New York NY 10003


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