Best place for brownstoners to buy original fixtures for cheap (2008)

Eddie's Antiques

The beauty of owning a brownstone—other than future profits—is the satisfaction one receives from restoring it to its former glory, before greedy landlords chopped it up and put Sheetrock over any trace of character it once held. But renovating a brownstone can be very expensive, and if you don't have the funds to patronize some posh antique store, your dream home could end up being just that. Eddie's Antiques is a homeowner's paradise, offering a wide variety of brownstone originals from doors and shutters to fireplaces and mantelpieces on the cheap. Missing one balustrade from the handrail of your stairs? Don't sweat it; Eddie's collection of obscure fittings is so extensive you're bound to find the perfect match. Browse though the Fred Sanford junkyard of Fort Greene as Eddie and his old-geezer crew strip, polish, and repair tables, chairs, and bedsteads on the sidewalk. This spot is a brownstoner's wet dream. Open Tuesday through Saturday only.


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