Best place for my boyfriend to get a tattoo that's four times bigger than he said it would be (2008)

Fineline Tattoos

It's a copy of a Rembrandt etching of a man playing an early version of golf and it occupies a five-by-three-inch portion of his upper arm. Basically, it occupies his upper arm. After the initial shock wore off, though, I had to admit—that's a really nice-looking tat. Mike Bakaty is the man behind the ink. In fact, he's the man behind Fineline Tattoos itself. Bakaty was surreptitiously marking people on the Lower East Side for years during the ban on tattooing in New York. When Giuliani lifted the ban in 1997, the artist came out from underground and established his shop on the Lower East Side. Even if you're a sensitive type—the type that gets a Rembrandt permanently scratched into your arm—you want your tattoo artist to look like a tattoo artist. Bakaty is thin, bearded, and of course, heavily decorated. But shining through that gritty biker exterior is a Zen confidence—just the kind of energy that makes you say, "You know what, man? Let's go for it. Let's make my golfer five inches tall!"


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