Best Place to Browse Artists' Books (2008)

Printed Matter, Inc.

I like to mosey around Printed Matter, Inc. in the afternoon, picking up odd little artists' books, glossier hardcovers, and attractive zines, rifling through the audio assortment, and looking at reprinted Fluxus games. This is a nonprofit organization and bookstore dedicated to the book as art form, and specializing in the distribution of artists' publications, books, periodicals, posters—any printed matter. It represents over 3500 international artists a year and is the largest bookstore of its kind in the world. They have an open submission policy and will review any "booklike" artwork in an edition of 100 or more. There is usually some sort of exhibition or window installation up as well—this summer the walls were plastered with Sonic Youth T-shirts, posters, album covers, and zines.


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