Best Place to Buy a Skateboard With Your Morning Coffee (2008)


Typically, when you’re running late for work, there’s no time to stop for a cup of coffee. But if you happen to be near the Brooklyn skate-and-coffee shop Homage in Carroll Gardens, not only can you stop in for a cup of delicious MUD coffee (one of the best brands in the city) and an organic muffin, but you can also take your time chatting with the pierced skater kids behind the counter, who will convince you that the fastest way to get to work is to buy a brand-new (or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, vintage) skateboard from them. Ever since Jose Portes and Michelle Sauer opened Homage last summer, Smith Street has been bustling with skaters, and not just youngsters—businessmen in suits have also been spotted shredding the pavement on their way to the train. Haven’t been on a board in at least 15 years? Take a private lesson for $60 an hour or a group lesson for $30—and never be late for work again.

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Location Details

64 Bergen St.
New York NY 11201


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