Best place to buy and Enjoy a excellent handmade cigar in the company of men who look like ex-cops and extras from The Sopranos (2008)

PB Cuban Cigars

Despite the serious medical, legal, and social issues that surround cigar smoking, New Yorkers have long cherished their stogies and those hazy bastions of casual male bonding, the corner cigar store. (Edgar Allan Poe's 1842 thriller, "The Mystery of Marie Roget," was based on the brutal, still-unsolved murder of Manhattan "cigar girl" Mary Cecilia Rogers, whose legendary beauty attracted more than casual admirers and cigar aficionados, apparently, to her establishment.) The city once had literally scores of these shops, but today the corner in question likely boasts a Starbucks or some other mega-chain—where the too-perky chatter of sales "associates" and the clatter of a thousand computer keyboards have replaced the casual bonhomie so much a part of a cigar store's charm. But with just a little effort, those who seek a companionable corner of Old New York will find their heart's desire at PB Cuban Cigars. This immaculate family-owned shop makes gorgeous, hand-rolled, large-ring cigars of Cuba-seed Dominican tobacco that rival—and often best—the more familiar premium brands available elsewhere for equally premium prices. Select an intoxicating Sumatra-wrapped robusto ($6), settle into a comfy sofa or chair, light up, and imagine yourself for half an hour in the rough-and-tumble romantical world of O. Henry, Bugsy Siegel, or—what you will.


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