Best place to buy Edith Wharton– worthy furniture (2008)

Calvary/St. George's Furniture Thrift Shop

Not everyone wants to furnish an apartment with plastic storage cubes, brick-and-board bookcases, and Ikea bedsteads. More refined types, hell-bent on turning their tenement digs into an aerie worthy of Lily Bart (the place where she first lives, not the dump where she kills herself at the end of the book), should head to the Calvary/St. George's Furniture Thrift Shop, an old-fashioned venue connected to a church, which is crammed with oversize mahogany arts-and-crafts bookcases, backlit china cabinets, and Jean Harlow–esque dressing tables. Everything here appears to be in wonderful condition, the only drawback being that some of the best pieces are incredibly mammoth. Still, a new-old armoire, no matter how gigantic, would look a lot better in your tiny bedroom than that eight-foot-tall pile of stuff on the floor. Most pieces are around $500, though there's a downstairs room with less-expensive offerings. A Victorian rocking chair, in remarkably good shape, was a tempting $150, and four refreshingly small wooden snack tables (you may know them by as TV trays) were $60 for the lot.


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