Best place to buy inexpensive men's clothes that isn't Century 21 (2008)


A fellow we know well works in what is arguably the toniest boutique on the Upper East Side. In that capacity he devises whole wardrobes for ladies who have the time and financial wherewithal to require such a service. In his private life, this guy lives on the Lower East Side with a French bulldog who has one brown eye and one blue. In both locations he is unfailingly debonair, with never a wrinkle on his shirt (unless it is meant to be wrinkled) or an errant crease in his trousers. He invariably tops off his ensemble with a cashmere sweater, sometimes even two: one a classic pullover, the other tied raffishly over his shoulders. And where does he get this stuff? Paul Stuart? Hermès? Bergdorf's men's store? Uh-uh. Because he is an old friend, he broke down and confessed to us after a long day: Syms. Well, Syms and a tailor, really. So we had a long talk, the point of which was: You need an eye for color. You need to be rigorous about fabric and fit. But when it comes to being truly stylish, you don't really need a lot of money.


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