Best Place to Buy Pants If You're a Short Dame (2008)

NYC Flava

Our family gatherings are like pygmy assemblies. Everyone's short and has complexes. Like Meemaw, my tippling grandmother who thundered, "No more Gap Kids novelty pants," after a round of Blue Motorcycles and some bathtub gin. Still, the crazy lady's got a point. She also has an option—NYC Flava. Aside from its dim-witted faux hipstress name, this cheapie boutique is a playground for height-stunted damsels who've been tortured into stuffing hips and rears into little girls' pants just because they don't need hemming. My well-worn Flava buys from last season include $20 black low-slung hiphuggers embellished with silver glitter (think Laundry by Shelli Segal); $19.99 rock-glam hot pants inspired by Stella McCartney's Chloe; and tie-dyed stretch jeans, also $19.99 (St. Vincent's version goes for $165). Bring tall friends along to hold your purse.


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